Oh, oh, oh, it’s Magic

If Alfred thought his behavior while he got ready for his sudden date was strange, he didn’t make a fuss of it. As promised, Bruce was knocking on Dinah’s apartment door at eight o’clock sharp.

  • Bruce: I'll pick you up at 8
  • Bruce: I'll make a reservation, then.
  • Bruce: what time is good for you?
  • Bruce: I was just wondering
  • Bruce: Would you like to go to dinner?
  •  (picks up phone and texts)
  • Bruce: Dinah, are you busy tonight?
Anonymous sent:
Magic!Anon-You suddenly feel very compelled to go on a date with DInah

You know what? It has been a while since I’ve seen Dinah. Next to Clark, she’s probably my best friend. And she’s a lot more…. attractive, than Clark, and…. 

I wonder if she’s doing anything tonight




I don’t know what you’re talking about. So, what should we name it? Personally, I like the name Damian.




do you think Ollie will be upset, because this could get sort of awkward…


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